Basic Calligraphy Course


Calligraphy is a form of visible art that concentrates on the innovative design and performance of composing with the use of particular pencils. It uses language symptoms to create a visible encounter that is similar to the different excellent art societies and backgrounds that delivered this interesting exercise.

Calligraphy, as an exercise, needs a set of abilities and methods that are essential in order to display reliability, balance, creativeness, and origins in the placement and inscribing of terms. A strong information of this art is valuable to understand this complex exercise and set up a profession as a calligraphy specialist.


At the end of this course, students shall learn how to: (1) execute different side composing techniques; (2) view historical past and growth of calligraphy; (3) be acquainted with fundamental small and majuscules; (4) incorporate some suggestions and recommendations for the effective agreement of letters; (5) view the Uncial side, uses of boundaries, kinds and position of decoration; and (6) use lighting create decorative paper prints and invites.

To accomplish these objectives, this course shall make use of entertaining components to existing the guidelines of the themes to be mentioned. Tests shall be done after the whole course to check for information preservation and knowing.

Course Overview

  1. Unit 1 – Guide to Calligraphy
    Letter levels and structure
    Pen position and primary strokes
  2. Unit 2 – Foundational Minuscules
    The source of the hand
    Rounded Minuscules, Further Straight-Sided Minuscules, and serifs
  3. Unit 3 – Foundational Minuscule Aspect 2
    Letter size and pen angle
    Further modifications in Letters
  4. Unit 4 – Foundational Hand
    Skeletal richesse and term texture
    Constructing numerals
  5. Unit 5 – Majuscules
    Foundational majuscules
    Rounded majuscules
  6. Unit 6 – The Layout
    Types of layout
    Margins and spacing
  7. Unit 7 – Guide to the Uncial Hand
    Construct Uncial Letters
    Spacing Uncial Characters, Words and Lines
  8. Unit 8 – Uncial Hand – Aspect 2
    Writing in a group in Uncial
    Bookplate terminology and decoration
  9. Unit 9 – Borders
    Adding Kaleidoscope Complete Border
    Placing Filigree Kind Area Border
  10. Unit 10 – What is Illumination?
    Tracing, coloring and outlining
    Illuminating the Letter
  11. Unit 11 – Posters and Invitations
    Finalizing the inside text
    Preparing the top side of the invitation


Upon effective finishing this course, students will be granted an IOLEN Certification of Accomplishment from IOLEN Certification. This should help confirm their chance to learn and expertise, and can be used as a continue designer.

Course Format

This course is split into several segments and is provided on the internet through our entertaining studying control system. Students are given connect to the studying website where they can connect to the course 24/7. This gives them finish control over the speed of their studying while also allowing them to analyze from home, in their workplaces or from a laptop while traveling.

Course Duration:

Normative or lowest interval of research to finish this is 35 hours. Take observe that this is only an calculate. The length of finishing the course still relies upon on the learner’s speed and capability to soak up information. Furthermore, as the course is provided on the internet, students have the choices to split and research the course in several period or go through it one go.

Learners will be given full accessibility this course for 12 months from plenty of your effort and interval of time of enrolment. During this interval, students are given the versatility to finish the course at any-time.

Career path

  • Allow you to keep updated on the factors of your career
  • Give you an clues about your selected profession path
  • Fill in the holes of any information you may not have
  • Enhance your resume
  • Show you are a dedicated learner


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Study method

Online, self-paced




Level 3 Degree in Basic Calligraphy

Additional info

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